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Tuesday 18th July 2017: Enough is enough! 

with Wendy Sullivan and Lynne Cooper

Do you have a pattern of ending up with far too much on your plate? Or overwhelmed by work? Desperate for some inspiration? Or short of relaxation? In need of a bit more confidence?

 We all use scales to make comparisons and we do it all day long.  But we each choose our own scales, and the gradations on them, and this often happens out of our awareness.  Which makes it difficult to specify what lets us know where we currently are on our scale, or how we’ll know when we’re a little closer to where we would like to be, and when we are in danger of overshooting our goal. And there’s the issue that we tend to assume that someone else’s scale is the same as ours and that we therefore know what they need to do to reach their goal.  

Becoming able to notice and model scales can be a quick way to make a step change in your ability to coach or self-facilitate.

In this highly practical session you will learn a simple tool to coach someone to pay attention to their scale for ‘enough’ in a particular context, and find out more about your own sense of scaling too. You’ll bring unconscious patterns to conscious awareness, which allows the coachee to learn, to take control and to achieve their outcome. You’ll find out how to model your own unconscious sense of ‘enough’ so that you can start to change situations that are not working well for you. 

You’ll also practise the art of using scaling to support others to notice progress and to facilitate measurement of the work you are doing with them. 

Your facilitators are Wendy Sullivan and Lynne Cooper (rather than Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer).  

Wendy Sullivan runs Clean Change Company, which provides an extensive Clean training program and coaches individuals and teams.  Wendy is co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds and is a coach, a certified NLP Trainer and an accredited psychotherapist.  Wendy works internationally and has delivered regular Clean trainings and coaching for well over ten years.

Lynne Cooper is an accredited Master Executive coach, a team coach and an accredited coaching supervisor and trains coaching skills to coaches and leaders. Lynne is a Certified Clean Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner. Lynne co-created the Five-Minute Coach, a powerful Clean Coaching approach, and co-authored the book of the same name. She also wrote Business NLP for Dummies

Together they offer an Association for Coaching Accredited Certificate in Coach Training through their Professional Clean Coach programme. An action-packed training, this programme provides an extensive range of Clean-based coaching approaches, including the Five-Minute Coach, as well as all the skills and knowledge required for a role as a professional coach. 

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