Richmond NLP Group

2020 Vision

Tuesday 11th February, 2020

with Master Trainer, Coach and Author, Peter Freeth

You must have realised by now that setting goals and New Year Resolutions is simply useless. We've already passed the date by which most people have given up on the promises they made to themselves in haste. So why do we keep on doing it to ourselves?

Self-help gurus tell you to set compelling goals, but there's a problem - not only does research tell us that such goals are counter-productive, the very question that we start with when we set a goal is designed to make you fail. And that, of course, keeps you coming back for more. The very question that you ask to set a goal is what prevents you from achieving it.

What has got you this far in your life is precisely what is holding you back. In order to move forwards, you must let go of how you have defined yourself until now. That's easier said than done.

In this fully interactive meeting of the Richmond NLP Group, you will work through a series of challenging activities which encourage you to let go of the doubt, fear and disbelief that have held you back.

This is not a goal setting workshop. Goals have not served you. Goals are the self-help industry's big secret; creating the illusion of progress whilst actually holding you back. Everything important that you have achieved in your life has been beyond goals.

There are no maps for where you're going. There are no footsteps to follow, no well-worn paths to keep you safe. And whilst it might seem scary that there are no maps to follow, you have left yourself signposts. In fact, you have spent your entire life creating signposts, a trail of breadcrumbs, a length of string, to guide you safely, and you can follow that trail into the future, if you know how to find it.

The future is yours to make, and the answer lies over the horizon; a place that no-one has been before.

What you'll find there might surprise you more than you think.

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Usual Applies:

Sessions: Open to all, no NLP experience necessary unless advertised. Please feel free to pass information about sessions (2 hours CPD) and workshops. The group grows through your introductions and referrals which I appreciate

If you're attending: Please use the pre-paid option below, on eventbrite. These tickets are available until 5pm on the day of the session, otherwise payment is on the door.

Contribution: Pre-paid tickets £20.00 (includes booking fee) (No refunds). Pay on the door, £25.00 cash or card.

Timings: Doors open for light refreshments and informal networking from 6.30pm. Speaker’s Session 7-9 pm.

Venue: Vestry Hall, Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SA

Getting there: Easy, regular public transport links - tube, bus and overground. On street parking FOC after 6.30pm or there's the multi-storey carpark, right next the hall.

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