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From Conflicted Roles to Joined Up Whole
With Dr Paul Field and Wendy Sullivan
17th October 2017


Partner, Manager, Coach, Blogger, Admin-Monkey, Mother, Father, Gym bunny, Friend, Sex God(ess) – do you seem to be balancing an impossible number of roles?


When we short-change our roles, we can feel guilty about hard-done-by family or become frustrated with stalled business plans. 


But these multiple identities are a source of skills and resources. They present the opportunity to live our values and purpose congruently in every aspect of what we do.


So if you wish to be true to who you are and honour your roles, join us to mix the ingredients of NLP, Clean Language and Persona Modelling and cook up something special for you and your clients.



In this session, you’ll:


* experience a new step-by-step process for working Cleanly with roles (no knowledge of Clean needed).


* gain greater insight into your roles and the relationships between them, so you can put Role Balancing behind you and start reaping the benefits of joined-up roles.


* leave with a practical and transformational process to use straight away in your coaching.

Dr Paul Field specialises in new business and product development coaching underpinned by Clean Language and Agile techniques. Having transformed programmes worth 100s of millions in multi-national corporations he now prefers working with small businesses that have a heart. He is also the developer of Persona Modelling and a process for modelling binds and double-binds.

Wendy Sullivan is an experienced coach, psychotherapist and NLP Trainer.  She runs Clean Change Company, and delivers extensive Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling trainings.  Using these transformational tools, she enables individuals and teams to reach life-enhancing insights.  She is co-author of ‘Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds’

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